Ultrasound hair removal

Suitable for all skin colours and great for
treating areas not accessible with the IPL laser
such as eyebrows, ears, noses and tattoos.

Ultrasound hair removal treatment: using the latest technology with Clinic SP

Clinic SP is dedicated to creating perfect looking smooth skin for men and women, using new clinically proven Applisonix ultrasound-based hair removal system for long-term, permanent hair reduction.

Ultrasound hair removal is suitable for all skin types (dark and light skin), all hair types and hair colours (white, grey, blonde, red). Ultrasonic energy is applied through the hair, resulting in damage to the hair’s re-growth mechanism. The surrounding skin is not effected.

Ultrasound hair removal is also ideal for removing hair on sensitive or pigmented areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, ears, nose, breasts and hair removal on tattoos.

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We are based in Welwyn Garden city, just a short distance away from Stevenage, Hatfield, 
St Albans, Hitchin and Hertford.

Finding out more about this treatment

The Daily Mail has recently published an article on the effectiveness of Applisonix ultrasound technology.

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To watch a video showing treatments using the Applisonix machine you can visit the manufacturers site.

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Ultrasound Hair removal

Ultrasound is used for precise eyebrow contouring and the treatment of sensitive areas like the upper lip and chin.