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I have been a specialist IPL practitioner for a number of years and feel very comfortable treating my clients. I enjoy my work and have treated men and women across a wide age range; for hair removal and skin treatments. I do understand that people can be very emotive about things they consider to be different from the average, be it unwanted facial hair, ingrown hair or pronounced thread veins. My approach is to determine whether I can actually make a difference and I will be honest about what I feel I can achieve. Please feel free to email or call me for a chat, ideally I would see you for a consultation to determine whether you are suitable for Laser IPL treatment.
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Polycystic ovary syndrome - PCOS

I see many clients who have been diagnosed with PCOS, or who suspect they may suffer from the condition, when they come for a consultation for facial hair removal. I treat the unwanted facial hair with some fantastic results, but it is very frustrating that they will, in some cases, produce new hair growth. I am also very aware that in very many cases my clients have had very little information or support regarding management of the condition from their GP.

The facial hair is a symptom of the underlying condition and each IPL or ultrasound treatment reduces the quantity and thickness of the hair. Along with the decreasing hair the skin tends to improve, with clients no longer suffering from ingrown hair and the resulting spots.

I love to see the improvement in confidence for many of these clients as their symptoms decrease and they are left with a clear smooth skin., but the problem with a condition such as PCOS is that there is no quick cure; typically the symptoms are treated and not the underlying condition.

I have discussed my experience with a fellow therapist at the Natural Health shop in Welwyn Garden City, Margella Salmins. Margella works holistically with acupuncture, herbs, diet, and lifestyle to correct hormonal and metabolic imbalances that feed the condition. By correcting and managing the underlying condition alongside treating unwanted facial hair with IPL, many clients experience no re-growth or greatly reduced facial hair, with longer periods between re-growth.

The boost in confidence encourages many of my clients to improve their general health resulting in a balancing of the underlying condition.

Treatment booked but have a new tan...

I always ensure that your treatment is safe and a suntan can be a problem. The rule is no IPL treatment within 4 weeks of a new suntan. This would include sunbeds and self tanning products. Please notify me of any changes in skin tone so that I can decide on the safest way forward for your treatment plan.