Treatment for Pigmentation and age spots

IPL laser treatment can result in an even
skin colour and a fresher complexion.

Skin pigmentation treatment: improve your skin complexion with Clinic SP

Sun exposure over time can result in pigmentation, typically on the face and hands. Laser IPL treatment can reduce the appearance, resulting in an even skin colour and a fresher complexion.

You may be experiencing imperfections in your skin, with a more mottled complexion resulting in age spots, brown spots, clusters, sun or liver spots and often referred to as skin lentigines.

These are more common in men and women over 40 years of age and although harmless, these discolorations can be unsightly when appearing on the on the face, neck or back of the hands.

Clinic SP offers safe and effective laser treatments to eliminate a wide range of unattractive skin imperfections. The laser IPL allows non-traumatic treatments of pigmented skin blemishes, age spots and brown spots, producing consistent results.

As well as age spots treatments and skin pigmentation reduction, Clinic SP can also carry out thread vein removal and rosacea for small blood vessels on the face.

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How long does a typical treatment session take?

A skin treatment session may take between 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Clinic SP are experienced laser treatment specialists in pigmentation reduction. For further advice and consultation, call us today to book an appointment.

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Pigmentation treatment

An even skin colour on hands is achievable with IPL treatment.